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​ Toshinari Masuda Official Site


Toshinari Masuda is a novelist, born on November 8, 1965. He is 176 cm tall, weighs 86 kg, and his blood type is B. He graduated from Asahigaoka High School in Nagoya, Japan, and entered Hokkaido University.


He entered Hokkaido University after graduating from Asahigaoka High School in Nagoya, Japan. He was a member of the baseball club until junior high school and the judo club in high school and university.


I wrote an autobiographical coming-of-age novel, "Memories of Nanatei Judo" (Kadokawa Shoten), using my time in the Hokkaido University Judo Club as a motif.


After retiring from the Hokkaido University Judo Club in his fourth year, he dropped out of college and joined the Hokkai Times. After working for Hokkai Times for two years, he re-applied for the Chunichi Shimbun and joined the company at the age of 26. I spent two years at the Hokkai Times and 25 years at the Chunichi Shimbun as an editor and reporter.


In 2006, "Shatoon/Brown bear Forest" (Takarajima Publishing Co., Ltd.) won the "This mystery is great! Award". In 2012, "Why Masahiko Kimura Didn't Kill Rikidozan" (Shinchosha) won the Sōichi Ōya Nonfiction Award and the Shincho Document Award; in 2013, "Memories of Nanatei Judo" (Kadokawa Shoten) was nominated for the Yamada Futaro Award; in 2017, "Hokkai Times Story" won Books About Hokkaido Award.


His other books include "Yuki Nakai on the eve of VTJ " (East Press), "31 Chapters to Improve Your Manhood" (PHP Institute)", and "Requiem of the Flesh" (Shinchosha), which he has edited.

"Why Masahiko Kimura Didn't Kill Rikidozan" was published as a manga in the Shukan Taishu magazine under the title "KIMURA" (written and drawn by Kuninobu Harada). "Memory of Nanatei Judo" was published as a manga in Big Comic Original (art by Ichimaru Sensei). The former is a 13-volume work, and the latter is a 6-volume work plus a 7-volume extra story.

At the end of April 2016, I retired early from the Chunichi Shimbun, a company I had worked for for 25 years. From now on, I will publish my works little by little and walk slowly.

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